Are you looking for true love? Do you want to know which sport you are born for? Now, these are the questions for which you won’t have an answer from a direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic test, no matter what certain companies promise. However, if you want to inquire your deoxyribonucleic acid about your ancestry, health risks or metabolism, you might find some responses there. In order to help you choose the genetic test most appropriate for your needs, we collected the most credible ones on the current market. Let’s dive into the details!

Due to the collapse of the price of genetic testing and the FDA’s gradual ease of the regulatory environment, DTC genetic testing companies are booming. It has never been easier to go online and buy a testing kit for as cheap as 200 dollars. That’s why the jungle of DTC companies is getting denser, more and more people ask The Medical Futurist which genetic tests are worth the try. Thus, we decided to create a useful kick-starter package for people who want to look into the secrets of their cells. On the one hand, here’s our article about which genetic testing kit to choose, on the other hand, we collected the most credible and notable tests and companies in the database below (just scroll down).

DTC genetic testing companies and their products

Genetic tests and the companies which provide the analyses stand in the center of the database. However, users could also receive information about their respective websites, the availability of the different DTC tests in their home countries or the prices (if applicable). Moreover, the basic type of analysis is also indicated: whether it’s about ancestry, health risks, paternity or maternity questions, or perhaps, pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics.

Have you already had an experience with DTC genetic testing? Do you know about other companies that provide the service of questioning your genes? Reach out to The Medical Futurist channels if we missed something – and even if we didn’t. We love to hear from you either way.